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Farm Protection

Whether you’re mining iron or diamonds, we’ll secure you, your cargo and your vehicles. And that from the garage to the ATM. Our team will be happy to advise you about our low prices.

Personal Security

Are you a VIP or even a president? Our competent team ensures your safety and that of your followers. We’ll take you safely from A to B and take care of you with our all-around carefree program.

Property Protection

We ensure the safety of your object. Whether mobile operations center, building or site – we pay attention. We offer professional round-the-clock protection at affordable prices.


You do not know how to protect yourself? No matter if it is about a company or a person – we analyze you and your needs, tell you exactly what you need and create your individual security concept!

As each of our customers is individual, we will gladly make you an individual offer for free. Just contact us by e-mail at infotrueforce.ca or by phone at +49 40 2286 3330.

Airspace Control & Enforcement

With our own worldwide flight squadron, we are able to operate both actively and passively. Be it education, the active protection of friendly airspace or the use of our Quick Reaction Forces.

Anti Piracy Operations

Thanks to the stationing of our units in the Indian Ocean, we can intervene quickly and discreetly before it is too late. This is ensured by our own water and air units as well as our dedicated headquarters in Somalia.

Combined Operations

We believe that troop capacity needs to be dynamically scalable. That’s why we help out where a transfer of troops from the homeland is not possible. And in the country, on water and in the air.


In our offices around the world, we offer advice tailored specifically for governments. And that for all security issues. We work together to develop strategies that are ready for the 21st century.

Every request is individual. Therefore we would like to advise you personally. Just contact us by phone at +49 40 2286 3330 or by e-mail at infotrueforce.ca.

Our Locations

We are represented everywhere in the world! Either with active units (red markers) or with our counseling centers (green markers). We ensure safety globally. To find out more about each location, just click on the markers. Incidentally, our International Headquarters is located in Victoria, Canada.

Our Direction

Ekene Abena

General Ekene Abena has a remarkable career in the British military. He has operational experience among others in the Middle East and on Altis. He is also a PhD doctor and has extensive experience in the areas of resource planning and management.

John Hummington

Little is known about General John Hummington’s history. The fact is that for years he was stationed on Altis with a special unit of the American military. On the island he knows everyone and his human knowledge is unsurpassed.

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  • A way to sustainably promote society, because security creates peace
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  • Modern equipment, because the safety of our employees comes first
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  • Flexible working hours

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