About this project

Wait a minute – a millionaire, paramilitary organization that I have never heard of?

If you’ve never heard of ArmA 3 or Altis Life, you might as well ask that. Therefore, we would like to briefly explain to you here what we really do. First of all, Trueforce Incorporated is not a real company. All names, actions and locations are fictitious. Instead, we’re a gaming community that specializes in Altis Life modification for ArmA 3.

What is Altis Life?

Thanks for asking. Altis Life is a game modification for the game ArmA 3 by Bohemia Interactive. Altis Life takes place in a so-called “sandbox”. This means that the game gives the player a world, but then the player uses it as he pleases. Altis Life is a simulation of life. Every player is free to do what he does; whether collecting apples or robbing a bank. The special feature of this game modes is that the entire game operation in the “Roleplay” (German: RPG) expires. That is, the players act as if they were in the real world. Things like “server” or “game” do not exist. Incidentally, roleplaying is already several hundred years old. You can read more about this topic here.

And the Trueforce Security Inc.?

Our group plays the security group “Trueforce Security Inc.” in this world. We protect people and their cargo, help police catch criminals and much more. The content presented on this website is intended to enhance the InGame experience of the players and give them more background information for their Roleplay. But most of all, we’re a bunch of crazy, passionate gamblers who just spend one or two nice nights together.

And what are you doing all the time?

It always depends a bit on it. But most of the time, we’re on our Altis Life server, working, protecting people, arresting criminals, and so on. But we also have a team of trainers, which regularly trains our employees on topics such as tactics and weaponry. These trainings are done on our own training server, which we also use to fool around, including jet races and target shooting. But there is also our administration, which takes care of our employees, PR and other organizational matters, as well as our development team, which takes care of our technical systems and servers (of which we now have a few). So in addition to the games a lot of work. And if we all have no desire for ArmA 3, we’ll just play something else together.

Are you all unemployed or why do you have so much time?

Granted, none of us really want to know how much time has gone into this project. But this is still a virtual world, definitely too much. However, unlike what we may now assume, we are a very mixed group of students, working people, fathers and more. Someone always has time to do something.

Any questions?

Then come on our TeamSpeak at ts.trueforce.ca or be very old fashioned and write us an email to infotrueforce.ca, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.